Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Work time!

You Recently we have worked with Orange County Choppers/ Speakeasy Motors on a project classmates and I designed. This was the original model that I had designed for class. My other class mate took the measurements and use solid works to create this

From there we needed help to actually get the parts cut out for us. So our very good friend, Evan Favaro owner and founder of Speakeasy Motors,
was able to do so. Favaro told use specific instructions to have lay flat all pieces and keep it 1/4 inch spacing onto a 4x4 sheet metal, to have water-jet cut. He was able to use the Orange County Choppers water-jet cutter to be able to do so.
This is what we have received. Yes I might not look pretty at first but that is because it has a thin paint over it to project it during the process. Now at the moment we finished filing off any hazardous edges. 
After filing we in the process of sand blasting. What is sand blasting? Sand blasting is used to take off any paint on metal surfaces using tiny special cut pieces of glass. 
You can see the difference in the metal. The lighter grey is what has been sand blasted while the darker has not. 
We are still in process but are excited to see what is going to be the outcome. Thank you for reading.

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