Sunday, January 5, 2014

Small engine disassemble

Hello there people of the internet, this past month my class and i have been drawing parts of a engine.

This is what it takes to power an engine. 
This is what you need for an assembly

this would be a outer case of the engine 
At the bottom right would be a compression test. the compression tester would see if there is any leaks there 
This is the crankcase. The crankcase holds everything inside and keeps it in its place.
This is the flywheel. the sparks from spark plug powers the magneto and powers the magnet which spins the fly wheel. 
this is what is inside the engine the cam gear and crank shaft gear. the two gears have timing gear which needs to be together

This is how intake and take would work. the lobe moves in a 360 motion. then the tappet would move up then the valve would let in and out.

This is the piston. and the end cap the end cap is connected to the crank shaft

This would be an engine fully assembled

Thank you for joining in today and have a nice day

This is a bracket that is used to hold the engine down while to can work on it or try  and fix it.

This is a drawing of a leak down test. The pressure would go down into the head, move the piston,then crankshaft moves. Leading the cam shaft to move. Then the air goes out the breather valve

Photo on how a carburetor works. Air comes from one opening . And it comes water is brought up by the air and made into a mist and into the intake valve

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